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what is happening





what is happening

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Dylan Marron being a huge dork, for bonesismyteddybear.

365 days of music challenge | day 105: "This Isn’t the End" by Owl City

“you fight to survive, ‘cause you made it this far”


the best from in the flesh scripts

keep it togETHER SIMON

youremoregeous asked: are you gonna sell the charm bracelet you should sell them make loads and sell them i will give you lots of money i will spend my paycheck on one this i assure you please i want one i bed you

Hey! well I wasn’t planning on selling them but if you do want to buy one I could probably do that..

because they take so long to make it’d probably be a few dollars per charm at least plus shipping (NZD) I guess.

also I should say they are a little delicate so should be worn carefully, and sometimes the paint chips (which can be fixed with paint and clear nail polish) but it only happens to some of them sometimes

but wow thank you! if you do want to I guess email me at layarosemr@gmail.com and I’ll figure out more details?

(answering publicly in case anyone else wants to know)

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sarah manning alphabet meme

F is for Felix Dawkins

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In The Flesh charm bracelet so far…?

In The Flesh charm bracelet so far…?

I keep accidentally clicking on the follow button at the top right of posts when I scroll through tags on my iPad
and then I go and unfollow them but it makes me feel bad

2x01 → 2x06

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